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Our Materials

The materials that make up our seals and products are at the core of our capabilities. We recognize the need to supply industry-recognized standard materials, as well as specialty materials meeting certifications such as ASTM, AMS or FDA compliance. However, our list of materials is constantly being updated as new advances in chemistry and processing become available. Along with those advances, Eclipse continuously improves is manufacturing processes to efficiently produce product and offer our customers the ideal in value.

Materials We Offer

Our seals and products include but are in no way limited to the following materials:
Modified PTFE | EZ

Through the ongoing efforts of Eclipse materials research, a separate class of high performance fluoropolymer blends have been developed. Eclipse EZ materials…

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Thermoplastic Elastomer | EH

Eclipse EH materials are a class of materials derived from thermoplastic elastomer resins. They are unique in the fact that they are…

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Composite | EC

Eclipse EC materials are unique in the fact that they are manufactured by combining structural fabrics with resin. A true composite material,…

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Acetal | EA

Eclipse EA materials are acetal based polymers similar in properties to nylon. They are high modulus materials useful for back-up rings and…

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Nylon | EN

Eclipse EN materials are nylon based semi-crystalline polymers. They are high modulus materials useful for back-up rings and wear products. Easily machinable…

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Eclipse EP materials are based on polyether based thermoplastic resins. They are characterized by high stiffness as well as high temperature range.…

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Eclipse ET materials are a range of materials based on PTFE resin. Most notably known as DuPont® Teflon, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) makes an…

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Torlon PAI | ED

Eclipse ED materials are based on the extremely rigid structure of polyamide-imide thermoset resin. During final processing, the ED material structure is…

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Eclipse EU materials are compounds based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). Although it has a limited upper used temperature of 180°F…

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"We started Eclipse with the premise that if we could solve enough of our customers problems they would continue to come back to us for solutions regardless of the type of products we offered."