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Our Products

Eclipse Engineering has extensive design and manufacturing knowledge which supports timely and thorough project completion, from inception to prototype to production.

While Eclipse offers industry standard seal and bearing products, our intent is to find solutions for each application in a specific and optimized way.

We strive to understand each of our client’s needs and to view our products not just as a part number, but as a solution to a problem.


Eclipse Seals & Rings

Spring Energized Seals

Spring energized seals encompass a variety of products that that can be customized to operate in a broader range of applications than…

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Rotary Lip Seals

Rotary applications involve a very specific set of requirements that must be addressed in order to ensure a proper seal. Foremost of…

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O-Ring Energized Seals

Eclipse offers a full range of O-Ring Energized seals that can be specified into existing OEM hardware or customized to fit per…

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Wear Rings

Wear rings, also referred to as linear bushings, are a support product for Eclipse sealing products. They can be ordered in a…

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Wipers/Scraper Seals/ Scrapers

Wipers, excluders, and scrapers are a family of products that are employed on the outboard side of a system. Properly employed, they…

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Backup Rings

Backup rings are an industry standard upgrade to boost the performance of O-rings. Commonly, O-Rings fail due to extrusion into hardware clearance…

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Additional products we design and manufacture in-house include:

  • Gaskets
  • U-cups
  • Buffer seals
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Extrusions
  • Bearings
  • V-packing

Eclipse is experienced in engineering solutions for a broad range of application parameters.

Some of the environments our seals and products are exposed to include the following:

  • Pressures exceeding 30,000psi
  • Temperatures ranging from -375°F (-225°C) to over 600°F (315°C)
  • Over 1000 megarads of gamma radiation
  • High speed rotary service at nearly 100,000RPM

Whatever your application, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and provide the most optimized solution possible.

O-Ring Reference Chart


"We started Eclipse with the premise that if we could solve enough of our customers problems they would continue to come back to us for solutions regardless of the type of products we offered."