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Our Industries

At Eclipse Engineering, we take pride in providing seal and bearing solutions for many different industries. Eclipse meets the challenges that these industries offer to provide products that are compliant, compatible and optimal in their performance.

Industries We Service

Some of the main industries we serve include the following:

Eclipse produces cost-effective, high quality, seals for industrial applications and a wide range of mechanical seals––for cylinders, actuators, valves, farm machinery, drilling…

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Eclipse produces cost-effective seals for the automotive industry and seals for automotive applications. We work with engineers and purchasing staff of automotive…

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Eclipse produces high-precision seals for the aerospace industry, including high performance seals for extreme aerospace environments. Applications include aircraft braking systems, gearboxes,…

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Food & Beverage

We provide seals for the food and beverage industry, food-grade rubber seals, and food-safe o-rings. Cost-efficient solutions are offered for a wide…

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Medical Equipment

We provide customized medical seals and advanced seals for the medical equipment industry––including dental and surgical equipment, and prosthetics. Eclipse works with…

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Energy, Oil & Gas

We produce perfect-fit seals for the energy industry (including solar, wind, hydro, coal, and nuclear plants) plus seals for the oil and…

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We provide high reliability seals for the pharmaceutical industry and perfect-fit seals for pharmaceutical applications––for process equipment including HPLCs, batch reactors, centrifuges,…

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Eclipse produces high-reliability seals for the semiconductor industry, seals for semiconductor applications, and for the broader electronics sector. We work with purchasing…

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"We started Eclipse with the premise that if we could solve enough of our customers problems they would continue to come back to us for solutions regardless of the type of products we offered."