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Our Capabilities

At the core of Eclipse Engineering’s capabilities is our understanding of polymer materials. Material selection is key in providing a seal that offers the best combination of wear life and leakage performance. The range of materials that Eclipse can design with and fabricate is extensive, which gives our customers the broadest range of possible solutions when designing for challenging applications. Many of our team members have decades worth of hands-on experience in the seal industry. This experience, combined with fabrication technologies that can produce seals as small as .039” (1 mm) in diameter to over 6ft (1.8m) in diameter, yields a source that can handle nearly all sealing needs. Our engineers and machinists work closely together in order to provide fast turn prototypes which we can transition in to long run production products.

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Our Products

Eclipse Engineering has extensive design and manufacturing knowledge allowing project completion from inception to prototype and into production. While Eclipse offers industry standard seal and bearing products, our intent is to always solve each application in a specific and optimized fashion. We strive to understand each situation and view our products, not just as a part number, but as a solution to a problem. Our solutions include spring energized seals, O-Ring energized seals, gaskets, rotary lip seals, u-cups, buffer seals, labyrinth seals, extrusions, back-up rings, wipers, scraper seals, bearings and V-packing. Eclipse has engineered solutions over a broad range of application parameters. Some of our seals are exposed to pressures exceeding 30,000psi. Some operate in temperature ranging from -375°F (-225°C) to over 600°F (315°C). Other seals experience over 1000 megarads of gamma radiation. Other products operate in high speed rotary service at nearly 100,000RPM. Whatever your application, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and provide the most optimized solution possible.

Our Materials

Materials are at the core of Eclipse capabilities. We recognize the need to supply industry recognized standard materials, as well as specialty materials meeting certifications such as ASTM, AMS or FDA compliance. However, our list of materials is constantly being updated as new advances in chemistry and processing become available. Along with those advances, Eclipse continuously improves is manufacturing processes to efficiently produce product and offer our customers the ideal in value.

Industries We Serve

At Eclipse Engineering, we take pride in providing seal solutions for many different industries, including Industrial Equipment, Energy Production, Aerospace, Pharmacopeia, Food Production, Semiconductor, and Automotive. Eclipse meets the challenges that these industries offer to provide products that are compliant and compatible.

What Our Customers Have to Say

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing seals, customer satisfaction is everything. From initial communications to the quality of the products we deliver, we always aim to be the best. Want proof? Read what some of our customers have to say about working with us!

I like to work with Eclipse because of the top notch service we receive from our Eclipse representatives. As a purchasing agent, they go above and beyond my expectations of what an industrial vendor should be. The products have a short lead time, and if an item isn’t available they push for expedited service, including hand delivering our parts if we need them same day. Barry Bundeson and Chris Snook are consistently working to ensure that we have the parts we need, and are very professional and excellent to work with. I honestly wish all of my purchasing contacts were as easy and professional as Eclipse. I hope Barry and Chris are recognized for their superior service that they provide C.A. Technologies, and our treasured customers!

Chris Castillo
PurchasingC.A. Technologies

We’ve been using Eclipse Engineering for our sealing needs for nearly 18 years and they’ve been one of our most reliable vendors. It’s been a pleasure to work with Barry, Doug, and the other knowledgeable folks at EE. They’ve helped us solve some tricky sealing problems while providing excellent product and customer service.

Bob Mellette
V.P. - EngineeringC.A.Technologies
Louisville, CO

Everyone at Eclipse has been above board and great to work with for over 25 years plus. From design to customer service they have always responded to our needs.

B&B Machine & Grinding